Casually Explained: Being Healthy

Chinese Magician Performs Magic Trick

If you watch the video at 0.25x speed, you’ll realize that the video takes much longer to…

Stranger Things Winona Ryder David Harbour Answer the Internet s Most Searched Questions About

Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder and David Harbour answer the internet’s most searched…

An Honest Trailer for Game of Thrones Seasons

They’re going off an outline and boy does it feel that way – it’s Honest Trailers Vol 3…

I Went To Juilliard

Alan Tudyk

How Sleep Affects The Performance Of Athletes

Roger Federer apparently sleeps 12 hours per day.

Lucas the Spider in It Slipped

Summer is here! Lucas and his friend found a new toy to play with – if only they could get it to…

The Best News Bloopers of June 2019

Best News Bloopers Of June 2019 Will Make Your Summer

The Soviet Superplane That Rattled America

The Soviet Superplane That Rattled America

Atomic Veterans Were Silenced For 50 Years

After more than four decades of forced silence, some of the last surviving atomic soldiers share…

Could Your Phone Hurt You

Electromagnetic Pollution

This AI Makes The Mona Lisa Come To Life

This AI Makes The Mona Lisa Come To Life

Turtles Love Watermelon

“In this video I feed the pet turtles in the pond some tasty watermelon. They absolutely loved it…

Bear Fight In Finland

Two big brown bears taking good action in Finnish forest. Film has shot bear hide in Kuhmo,…

The Mountain Of Hell Glacier Race Crash

The annual “Mountain of Hell” race took place at the Les Deux Alpes ski resort over the…

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