[Update: 11 more banks] Google Pay extends its US reach with support for 44 new banks

Google Pay works with a jaw-dropping number of financial institutions, with more coming online all the time. Recently we’ve been seeing a dozen or two new banks join the Pay club nearly every week, and just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean that Google’s in the mood to slow things down. Today’s update continues to push that list to new heights, with the addition of 15 new banks.

For a while now we’ve been wondering just how long this list would get — there’s only a finite number of banks — with the next big milestone the 1,800 mark. And sure enough, Google’s managed to pass it.

These new banks bring Google’s long list of Pay banks (the one on its support page under “Other participating banks”) to a cozy 1,789. But when you add that to the 17 primary financial institutions that work with Google Pay, we’re already well clear of 1,800. How long until we hit 1,900? Is 2,000 even possible, or will there be no more banks left at that point?

We’re not exactly on the edge of our seats, but we’ll be keeping an eye on further Pay developments, all the same. For now, check out the latest additions to team Pay:

  • Access Community Credit Union
  • Acushnet Federal Credit Union
  • Bank of the Panhandle
  • Citizens Bank (Hartsville, TN)
  • Clinton Savings Bank
  • Dime Bank
  • Farmers National Bank of Lebanon
  • Farmers State Bank (Yale)
  • First Community Bank of Tennessee
  • First National Bank of Waseca
  • Happy State Bank
  • International Bank of Commerce
  • Peoples Credit Union
  • TCM Bank, N.A.
  • The Guilford Savings Bank


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