[Update: Now in stable version too] SwiftKey Beta automatic Incognito mode is here to save you from awkward predictions

Picture this: you have national security level web browsing to do, and fire up Incognito mode. However, unless you also remember to toggle your keyboard over to Incognito, it’s still studying what you type to add words to its dictionary. If you can already see a potentially embarrassing situation brewing, worry no more, as the newest SwiftKey Beta picks up the ability to automatically switch itself to Incognito mode.

Auto-switching works in most major web browsers, with the exception of UC Browser 

The software’s switching occurs whenever an app marks the text field as private or sensitive. It works using the flag IME_FLAG_NO_PERSONALIZED_LEARNING, that tells the keyboard not to record any personalized data for that particular text field. The most common case is Incognito mode in a browser, but there are other instances where you’ll see the same behavior, like “Secret Chats” in Telegram.

While keyboards like Gboard have been auto-switching to Incognito mode for a while, it’s good to see the feature being tested on other popular keyboards too — SwiftKey has over 100M downloads, and SwiftKey Beta has over a million. It’s been three years since Microsoft acquired SwiftKey and, unlike Sunrise and Wunderlist, SwiftKey continues to be actively developed, even making its way to Windows 10. Microsoft keeps adding new features, like an enhanced clipboard, GIF support, and Bing search integration — the last one being so unpopular it released an update allowing the feature to be removed. Despite all the new functionality, SwiftKey claims the keyboard is still the fastest one around.

You can get auto-switching to Incognito mode by downloading SwiftKey Beta from the Play Store or APK Mirror. If you don’t like living on the wild side, you can wait till it rolls out to the general release down the line.

SwiftKey Beta
SwiftKey Beta
Price: Free

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