Weekend poll: Do you make video calls from your phone?

Our weekend polls are typically freestanding, but based on the response from our last one, we thought a related follow-up question was in order. You made your interests when it comes to the ideal front-facing camera position known, but we’re curious about how you use that camera. Specifically: Do you use your phone for video calling?

There are plenty of apps to do it with. There’s Skype, Duo, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, FaceTime, and piles of other services that provide video calling features. A surprisingly large number of our readers were willing to give up a front-facing camera entirely in the last poll, though, which would preclude video calling — at least, without something like a rear display.

I’m sure we’ve all done a video call at least once, which might skew the results just a bit, so let’s place an arbitrary cutoff for this binary yes/no poll and just consider the last three months. So if you called someone for Christmas, that’d be a yes, but if you only did it once when Duo came out back in 2016, then that’s a no. You get the idea.

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